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gravion is the brand for creative designs with highest precision for various areas of application.
gravion is the brand
for creative designs with highest
precision for various areas of
gravion is the brand with the essence of competence, flexibility, experience, and innovation.
gravion is the brand
with the essence of competence,
flexibility, experience, and innovation.
gravion is the brand with the claim to provide the best solution from the beginning: from consultation right through to after-sales service.
gravion is the brand
with the claim to provide the best solution
from the beginning: from consultation
right through to after-sales service.

Good concepts win recognition – state-of-the-art technology, highly qualified employees and close communication with our customers

We are your competent partner for the complete life cycle – from the idea through to the finished product. State-of-the-art laser technology for direct engraving guarantees highest quality and perfect precision.

Embossing rollers

Pyramidal structure, linen structure, shape of little worms, linear structure, leather structure, wood structure, honeycomb structure, sand structure, individual plain-colored designs, individual designs with logo.

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Anolix rollers

Modern anilox rollers are a decisive aspect of achieving good product quality, particularly for demanding orders.

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Union rollers

Union rollers are engraved both positively and negatively.

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Development and service

We offer you various individual surface treatments for protection against abrasive, adhesive and corrosive wear of the rollers and engravings.

gravion GmbH & Co. KG is a young company which employs state-of-the-art laser technology to provide most innovative solutions in the fields of embossing and anilox rollers and plates.

Dietmar Buchholz, the company founder and member with economically strategic background is very familiar with the industry from personal experience. Long experience in the main areas of industry and in the manufacture of rollers guarantee know-how, high quality, and continuity.

Our valuable employees come from the engraving trade or the 3D data processing, respectively, and strive for the fulfilment of your requirements with know-how and an innovative spirit.

We support you in the implementation of your ideas from the creation of 3D patterns up to the finished laser-treated roller or plate. Together with our innovative employees, we are attuned to fast implementation of your wishes and offer you a unique service which has not existed yet in the area of embossing. The laser technology we can offer you reaches a depth of up to 1 mm as well as a maximum geometry of 2,600 mm WOB and a circumference of 1,500 mm. Many motifs which are still mostly crafted by hand as a rule today can be produced significantly faster, more cost-effective in the medium term and, above all, more environmentally friendly.

Our entire enterprise will delve into the digital world in all processes from the very beginning, i.e. from the handling of our business processes via SAP and the digital preparation and processing of your data through to digital production. Thereby we are able to offer you also all digital interfaces into your system landscape.

The possible fields of application can be found in the areas of the packaging industry,coating industry, leather industry, decor industry, automobile industry, glass industry and many other industries.

Challenge us, we look forward to your applications. We would be happy to develop together with you new ways in the field of surface coating or in the area of the materials to be used by a roller.

Visionaries and company founders Dietmar Buchholz and Clemens Röder

Visionary and company founder Dietmar Buchholz

Shaping the future - the gravion team

Shaping the future - the gravion team

Perfect solutions for various industries – economical and in highest quality

Coating industry

Rollers designed for application of your medium onto individual materials by

  • Raster engraving positive/negative
  • Dot engraving with customized arrangement
  • Linear raster engraving
  • Pyramidal raster engraving
  • Honeycomb raster engraving

All gravures up to 1,000 lines/cm

Paper industry

  • Designs for labels or paper finishing (e.g., gift wrap paper, writing paper)

Aluminum industry

  • Finishing of aluminum foil for printed circuit boards of 5 – 100 my

Foil industry

  • Rollers for manufacturing and finishing according to customer specification, e.g., hygiene foils, office materials, technical foils

Leather industry

  • Engraving according to customer specification for the finishing of artificial leather and real leather

Glass industry

  • Rollers for the manufacture of technical glass, design glass, and acrylic glass

Plastics industry

  • Engraving for the illustration of individual applications

Automobile industry

  • Engraving for leather and artificial leather applications as well as other interior equipment
Coating, Paper, Aluminum, Foil, Leather, Glass, Plastic, Automobile
Dietmar Buchholz

Dietmar Buchholz

Executive Partner

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Axel Erbrich

Axel Erbrich

Responsible Sales Global

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Christine Tritschler

Christine Tritschler

Responsible Sales Global

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Patrick Kiefer

Patrick Kiefer

Responsible Production and Quality

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Dietmar König

Dietmar König

3D Developer

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Oliver Koch

Oliver Koch

3D Developer

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Thierry Tête

Thierry Tête

Sales Agent / Agent Commercial

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Uns gehört die Zukunft und Du stehst im Mittelpunkt jetzt.

Wir sind ein junges, dynamisches und auf Erfolg ausgerichtetes Unternehmen aus dem Bereich Herstellung von Präge- und Rasterwalzen mit modernster Lasertechnologie.

Du suchst eine neue Herausforderung,

übernimmst gerne Verantwortung, bist ein Teamplayer und Dein Ideenreichtum sprudelt?

Dann werde Teil von gravion.

In der angenehmen Arbeitsatmosphäre eines Familienunternehmens sind wir hochmotiviert, unsere Grenzen ständig neu zu definieren und damit neue Maßstäbe zu setzen. Langeweile kommt bei uns also nicht auf! In einem hochtechnologischen und innovativen Arbeitsumfeld setzen wir deshalb auf Führungskräfte und Mitarbeiter, die immer ein bisschen mehr als nur das Ziel erreichen wollen! Dennoch ist es uns wichtig, Dir immer Raum für neue Ideen und zur freien Entfaltung zu bieten.

Von Anfang an hat gravion für sich diesen Grundsatz entwickelt um so als Innovationstreiber Zeichen zu setzen.

Du fühlst dich angesprochen und findest dich in diesem Profil wieder? Fantastisch! Dann sende uns noch heute Deine Bewerbungsunterlagen mit Lebenslauf .

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