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Development and service

Optimally matched to the respective application, you will receive the appropriate solution from gravion.


Application of a protective chromium layer with layer thicknesses of 10-100 my

Plasma nitriding

Hardening process in ionized gas atmosphere with low temperatures
Advantage: Wear protection with a minimum of delay in the process

Hardening processes

Classic hardening processes with individual hardening time and temperature based on roller’s requirement

Ceramic coating

Applying a protective ceramic layer

Copper Coating

Applying a copper layer on the roller body for engraving in copper.

Advantage: When renewing the engraving, the original roller body can be protected. The original roller dimensions can be guaranteed. Not every engraving can be mapped in copper!


Additional coatings

To increase the service life or to protect against certain media, we provide various additional coating possibilities on request.

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