Choose from a variety of coatings. The gravion team will be on-hand to provide advice, ensuring that you get the best possible machine for your application.

Protect your rollers using a chrome layer between 10 and 100 micrometers thick. We rely on the expertise of companies that specialize in chrome.

Hardening process
Reap the benefits of the classic hardening procedure. gravion adapts the hardening time and temperature to your roller requirements. We know what's possible. We laser hardened surfaces, which enables us to eliminate the warping tendencies typical of the hardening process.

Ceramic coating
Use a protective ceramic layer to prevent material deforming, even if it is under high stress. We laser sanded ceramic layers directly using our state-of-the-art equipment, which guarantees optimal proportions.

Copper coating
Copper is embossed as soon as it becomes necessary in order to maintain the original roller diameter or if this process is required due to the fineness of the structure.

Plasma nitride coating
Minimize wear. This hardening process in an ionized gas atmosphere at low temperatures protects your rollers and only minimally extends the process time.

The possibilities are almost endless
Protect your machines and extend their service lifetimes. We offer a range of additional coatings on request.